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Happy Anniversary World Wide Web #Web25 

25 years ago my life was so very different.  I was barely out of school amid a recession and wondering what I was going to do with my life.  At this time Sir Tim Berners Lee was about to share his creation with the world.  A creation that even he thought would never be as popular as it has now become.  The information Super Highway, the Internet, the World Wide Web.

4 years later I entered a shopping center in South County Dublin where I saw a man stand in front of 3 computers.  There was no signage, no indication as to what he was doing or selling.  As I was quite the technology fan, the computers were enough to get my attention and to have me ask him what he was doing.  He asked me had I heard of “The Internet?”.  I hadn’t.

After a brief demonstration I was amazed, totally consumed by this marvel of ingenious tech.  I was converted.

It wasn’t until the mid 90′s that the Internet became an integral part of my life.  It became the tool for my research within the Aviation Security Industry.  It allowed me to excel within my Security Field.  So much in fact that it led to my employment in the UK on some very interesting Security projects.

In September 2001 I was set to launch my first website when the events at New York’s Twin Towers changed the world.  I returned to Ireland in 2006 where shortly after I started the process of becoming an Internet Consultant to which I still excel at today.  This is beginning to sound like a CV or Resume sorry.

If it wasn’t for CERN, Tim Berners Lee and the Internet, I’m not entirely sure what I would be doing right now.  I certainly would not be as informed, as educated or as busy as I am.

Sir Tim Berners Lee

Sir Tim Berners Lee

The Internet allows us to improve our skills.  Take at look at this free online education service, currently being deployed in Schools and Colleges in Ireland and elswhere.  Alison.com is free and is a reputable source for learning, in particular with digital skills among many others.

The resources available to students from any field is abundant throughout the World Wide Web.  Not to mention it has brought us closer and made the world a smaller global village.  It allows us to keep up to date with current affairs. as the happen, on a device that fits in a shirt pocket, and soon a device we will wear on our face.

    But where will we be in 25 years from now?  The Internet Society warns of local segregation of internet pockets controlled by local governments, as does Tim Berners Lee.  We cannot allow this to happen.

Two Thirds of the Worlds 7bn population have yet to gain access to the net.  This has to change.

To conclude:  The Internet is a wonderful asset to each and everyone of us who have it.  And it should only get better.  Thank You TBL for your vision and Happy Birthday World Wide Web!!!


Main image by Sołtys Leszek

Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lorde 

Several months back I heard a track on the radio that caught my immediate attention. I waited with anticipation in hope that the radio DJ would inform me as to who the artist was and the name of the track. But to my disappointment the tune was followed by adverts.

Now this is a big deal for me as I listen to very little commercial radio if any. And to hear a tune that grabbed my interest first time around was indeed very very rare. In fact I can not remember when it happened last, although the Bodyrockers come to mind for some reason.

Several months later I heard it again, and again the DJ failed to inform me. But on this accession I was with someone who had the answer that I needed.

The tune? Royals. The Artist? Lorde.


Roll on Spotify….

I immediately searched to see if this personally illusive track and artist had any presence on Spotify and to my delight I found a complete album to which I added a bookmark so I may immerse myself in to it during some convenient alone time.

Now views expressed here are, for the most part, my own opinion. But I listened to this album over and over again daily, sometimes twice and thrice daily for over a week, and I still return to it regularly. Also, it is in fact the first “commercial” album that I have purchased since I bought a best of boy bands album for an ex. It could actually be a contributing factor to our split now that I think of it, as she wasn’t too impressed. But that’s another story for another time perhaps.

The album “Pure Heroine” is addictive, yes pun intended. Every track is a delight to listen to (again rare to find every track on an album so appealing). Each number is cleverly composed in a way that it toys with the emotions one uses to enjoy music. They’re instantly catchy, lyrically sound, powerful and echo in your head for days.

Now, if like me, you for some reason avoid commercial radio with a passion, and have a Spotify account, here is your chance to listen to the album.

I would love to hear you opinion on it!

Google Chromecast to Roll out to the Outcasts? 

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Are You Hooked on Your Smartphone? 

Researchers in Germany have developed an app to measure your engagement with your Android smartphone. The app records the interaction between you and your phone. Among others, it notes every time you unlock your phone, start an app, or receive a call. From your phone, you can then browse the aggregated information, and interpret it […]